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A Touch of Country

1906 stone bridge

Image 1. This is the first image submitted for week one. Camera is a Canon Rebel EOS Digital with a 18-55 SLR lens. This photo is of the "haunted bridge". A favorite site for hauntings and spooky scares. Built in 1906, this bridge is an old railroad bridge on the outskirts of a small town.

country roads

Image 2. My version of country roads. Bright sunny day with green, green, and green.

Dandelion macro

Image 3. What would "country" be like without that wonderful Dandelion.

meadow in sunlight

Image 4. Deep in the woods, under a tree looking toward a meadow in bright sunlight. All I really needed were a few butterflies above the goldenrods.

old barn with wind mill

Image 5. All it needs is a good puff of wind or an Indiana tornado.

lines of communication

Image 6. Bringing the world into our small towns...or maybe the just the latest gossip.


Image 7. Freedom is not free. Remembering those who have paid the price for our freedom. How I wish more people would honor them and not forget so quickly.

there really is a Mayberry

Image 8. The Mayberry Cafe...and it's open for business with great food.

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