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The Path

The Path I Have Chosen

This is the path I have chosen to follow...
A path filled with stars because they give me direction.
A path filled with sand and shells because I love the sea.
A path filled with flowers to smell along the way.
A path filled with quaint and curious creatures...just because.
A path in the sunlight because it makes me warm.
A path filled with family because they are love.

I hope to plan a new site to replace the old ones that are lost.
I am going to use this outline for the basis for this new site.

Contents-Creating new Web Site
Genealogy Stowes Gunns Bolins Little Shoemaker
Gardens Flowers Favorite Faieres Books legends
Sea Shells Beaches Travel Books Facts
Creatures poetry Artwork media Books Myths
Stained Glass History Creations Artists Tools Books
Classes Build I Build II Build III Dreamweaver Digital Camera
Classes II PSP 7 all PSP 8 all PSP 9 all Corel XI PSP Brushes
This is an outline for building a new site to replace an old one I had many, many years ago. (before I knew about LVS Online) It was called Kaleidoscopes and Crystals because of the focus on Stained part of this new site will recreate some of my old pages.


Parts of my site were on servers that have changed or disappeared so most of the site is gone completely. I guess the most important pages were the genealogy ones. I discovered distant relatives when they found my site online! I also liked my page on Stained Glass because I was an instructor for many years. Most of the pages were designed with tables in layers and layers. "Everybody did it, you know." It is really time for a complete plan for reconstruction of a replacement site.

The list of Classes is not complete...just ran out of space on my table. Can you tell I love the classes here? I am not including all pages from these old sites. This plan is a little ambitious for me but hope I can recreate a decent looking site with some of these ideas. I am sure this outline will evolve while I am working on the pages.

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